RETASAAN : Making retrieval of Documents easy in a secure and confidential way.

Solution Detail

Client:  Retasaan

Tags: Document Digitization, Cloud, AWS, S3.

Retasaan provides process oriented document digitization and archival of... the client's paper documents. The document digitation goes through several processes before it is stored in a cloud server.
Retasaan is a secured web based document digitization system which can administer client documents through different phases (Uploading, Indexing, Verifing & Finalizing) before making the document available for customer access. Each customer is given a unique login with multi level accessibility to view/download. The system keeps track of who is accessing the document. The other key features of the system is how user can leave correspondence note for each document and set reminder to get auto notified by the system when they need to review/access a certain document.

  • Creates and maintains robust work flow processes to ensure compliance with high security standards.
  • Ensures 24×7 fast and secure accessibility around the world.
  • Documents are indexed according to client’s needs and made available either online through our secure software or offline through searchable hyperlinked indexes.